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Black Friday

Be sure to analyze the results after holding promotions. See how the audience reacted, how many customers made purchases, whether the promotion paid for itself, what the conversion rate was, and so on. This will help you understand what really works and what doesn't.

In retargeting. Set up retargeting to users who have recently visited your store. In the ad, indicate that they don't have much time left to buy the stock.

If you sell products and services over the Internet and communicate with customers over the phone, it is important to build communication with them. Modern people are reluctant to answer calls from strangers, and if you behave like a classic phone "spammer", you will lose customers on this. At the same time, polite and thoughtful communication between the manager and the client will force the latter to contact you again. Let's talk about the basic rules of telephone conversations with customers.

Almost half of managers have hitches in their conversations. You need to speak clearly: a call can catch a person in a noisy place or in the middle of an important task. Do not allow yourself to use familiar phrases, do not laugh, do not abuse frivolous jokes. Sales require a businesslike communication style.

Almost three-quarters of managers do not ask the client about anything and immediately proceed to the presentation of the product. Ask questions and ask what the person is looking for. Specify acceptable delivery times, payment methods, and describe the product in more detail.

More than half of the employees of online stores do not present the characteristics of the goods and services sold in a favorable light. Don't let the customer go if they initially say that, for example, they don't wear gold or don't use a smartphone. Tell us what the product is useful for and how it can make your life easier.

More than two-thirds of operators forget about additional sales. For example, the dress chosen in the order is perfectly combined with a bag from your assortment, and a calabash for mate goes well as a gift along with three varieties of this drink at a discount. Tell us about it. Even if the buyer refuses, it's up to you to offer.

Built-in communication will help you retain existing customers and acquire new ones, including through recommendations. If you are already ready to create an online store, recruit managers and teach them simple but important rules.

The first step is to understand what exactly you are participating in the sale for. Do you want to increase your profit, tell us about the store or about certain products, or sell out the rest of your summer collection? If income is important to you, recommendations for buyers will work, if the sale of "junk" — then the maximum price reduction.

As a rule, "Black Friday" lasts not only on the corresponding day of the week, but also a day or two before and a day or two after. But you can always, if you want, extend the sale for, say, another week.

It is necessary to sell those goods that are sufficient in warehouses in order to avoid outrage of customers that something has ended. This makes it easy to lose customers.

But no matter what you sell, there's nothing stopping you from starting labeling your products right now. Where labeling is not yet mandatory, it is already at least allowed. The tools for this procedure do not cost money, and it is not difficult to understand them without waiting for penalties.

Even a perfect website will not be profitable if your potential customers do not visit it. Our tips will help you figure out how to adjust their flow from different sales channels.


he design of an online store plays no less a role than the products that are sold in it. The user's first impression of the store is based on its appearance. It can both keep a potential customer on the path to purchase, and push them away.

The goal of each online store is to sell a product. Ideally, the design should encourage the user to move towards the goal: fill out a contact form or put an item in the shopping cart.

The main page is the company's face. This is where potential customers get to and it is used to evaluate whether something is worth buying here. The main page is like a shop window — if it attracts attention, then the potential buyer will go inside to take a closer look at the product. How to achieve this and make the design of an online store work to attract potential customers? Follow a few tips when choosing a design

online store products

Product photos should be of high quality. If possible, it is better to show the product in action. For example, clothing should be shown on the model from different angles.

This is the "Buy" or "Add to Cart" button. What you should pay attention to when creating a button

The shopping cart is often viewed as a service page of an online store: "What's there to improve? They specified the product, price, quantity — everything is obvious”" But the user who added the product there is not yet a buyer. And many people leave at this stage. So take note of these 4 rules

When the cursor is hovered over the "shopping cart" icon, it is convenient to show the client a list of already selected products and allow them to delete them right at this step, without going to the shopping cart page. This way, the user will not be distracted from the purchase.

Add a “Buy in one click " button, so that the buyer doesn't have to fill out a large order form. They just leave a phone number, you contact them and place an order by phone.x